At Home in Bowmanville

From Waterloo we drove East to Bowmanville, the home of Chris’ Aunt Penney and Uncle Wayne. On the way there we stopped for a quick apple picking session at a farm in Brampton – which was awesome! We left with a 20lb bag of apples and had tasted more varieties than I had in an entire lifetime.

Arriving at The Sisnett’s was like coming home. Chris lived with this family for the year that he was at school in Canada, and I had been up to Canada a couple times as well and stayed there. We had a lovely evening of preparing our apple crumble (yes, with the freshly picked apples) and just catching up.

The next day we visited some of our other friends in the area, did a little shopping had another amazing home-cooked meal at the house and then Chris and I took a late train into the Toronto for a few days of city touring.

Straight from the tree

Super cute little country apple store

Infamous Sisnett backyard

Can you get any more farm to table?
Spot the racoon
Yes my mouth is full..
Us and Chelsea.. was so great to see everyone!
Chris, Colin and Shawn
Lots of chris’ family that were in the area
Chris and his great Uncle Rudy.. what a resemblance to Papa.

On the train to Toronto



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  1. Michael Little page says:

    Hi CLO thanks for sending us all your blogs. We have enjoyed reading them all. We are stuck in Dallas unable to get to any airport in Florida and home. We finally got a flight to Jacksonville via Charlotte NC NC. If we make it we hope to travel from Orlando to MIA to BGI. We can’t travel till Wednesday 13 to JAX then to BGI on the 14. Hope we make it! Bumps.

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