The Global Scavenger Hunt 2016

So… we are about to depart on our next big adventure, and this one may be the most exciting and anxiety-inducing trip yet.

Chris and I are a team in this year’s Global Scavenger Hunt which begins in just under a week in Mexico City, Mexico. This is a annual competitor put together by founders Bill and Pamela Chalmers and consists of 15 teams of two embarking on a “blind date with the world”. We have no idea where we are going and what kind of scavenges/challenges will be involved but we are definitely looking forward to this adventure.

At this point our first challenge is packing… any advice on how to pack for a 2 week trip to unknown destinations/weather climates in a carry-on sized bag? We got some initial help from our welcome pack with included great travel gear from the sponsors. I have borrowed the below image from Bill as I completely forgot to take a picture before digging straight into all of the items!

Bill’s post on travel gear:


Well that’s it for now! I will update on our progress as often as possible, especially as we find out our next destination. You can also always follow the official blog for updates if I have not had a chance to post anything..


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  1. heidihutch64 says:

    I will be ready g and following ur every move.

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